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Challenges to Democracy Convention

After the morning Model UN Session on Saturday, February 24th, we will switch gears from international issues to domestic ones. That afternoon, we are hosting a conference on the Challenges to Democracy in the United States.
The Challenges will consist of two parts:
  1. Brainstorming a list of issues that seem to be most important to advancing American Democracy. These can be “bread and butter” issues like poverty or the environment, or they can be procedural ones like the Electoral College or voter suppression.
  2. Developing a method to seek solutions to the problems. We don’t have to solve the problems, at least not on that Saturday. But what we do have to do is ask the key questions, and then develop options for action. There will be no effort to reach a group consensus, but at the end we will ask each student to write a summary of their ideas on the issues and we will post these on the Civitas website.

Other things to note:

  • The Challenges to Democracy Convention will be at the Creve Coeur Drury Inn from 1:00-4:00 pm on Saturday, February 24th
  • Registration in advance is mandatory. You will receive a confirmation email with a registration number
  • There are no roles to play. Students will be learning about issues and sharing their own ideas
  • Students can help pick the issues we’ll discuss in advance at a prep session on February 3
  • Students are encouraged to join our Google Classroom hgp32r
  • We will have a lunch available for students attending both the morning & afternoon events
  • Like all Civitas events, the conference is free
  • A printable flyer can be found here
  • Email info@civitas-stl.com if you have any questions

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