10845 Olive Blvd., Suite 155, St. Louis MO 63141
(314) 367-6480 info@civitas-stl.com


Civitas-on-the-go brings the same fun and engaging activities that we provide for free on Saturdays into your classroom. Some of the experiences we offer include:

  • A simulation of a city council, highlighting local issues and conflicts in communities
  • Role playing a Think Tank on what to do about North Korea
  • A workshop on detecting media manipulation and fake news
  • An introduction to breaking down the complications and history of the American health care system
  • A Socratic Seminar on a specific current event you request
  • A lesson on explaining the Electoral College and other challenges to Democracy
  • A look at the differences between Democrats and Republicans and the challenges for other political parties in the United States
  • Street polling on a topic your students are interested in or on what’s happening in St. Louis
  • Model United Nations mini-session
  • Presentations or simulations tailored to topics you choose

We also have local presenters and experts we can arrange to come speak to students in your school from a variety of backgrounds including representatives from the ACLU, MIRA, local media, Just Moms STL, law enforcement agencies, and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. If there’s an agency/organization you want to connect with or an issue you’d like your students to learn more about, we can help find an engaging speaker.

If you are interested in scheduling a Civitas-on-the-go classroom visit please email info@civitas-stl.com or fill out our contact form!





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