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Some of the discussion topics for Dec. 3

Students have been sending us a ton of great suggestions. Here a few of them, with videos to help steer the conversation:

  • Some of you may have attended the Sept. 10 Civitas Event when several members of Just Moms STL came and spoke about the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton. The landfill has been burning for five years and is approaching an adjacent nuclear waste area. We have a video of recent news: http://www.kmov.com/story/33719198/landfill-lawsuit
    Will the samples detecting elevated levels of radiation in the Dailey home lead to action from the EPA and the landfill owners? Why would they continue to fight the evidence of danger for area residents?
  • Racial incidents since Donald Trump’s election are on many of your minds. According to CNN, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 867 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the U.S. in the first 10 days after the election. Here are a couple of specific ones: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/10/us/post-election-hate-crimes-and-fears-trnd/
    What has happened locally? Some of you have had incidents in your schools you might want to share. What should the response be from administrators to such incidents? Do you think hate crimes will continue to escalate in the next four years? What should our nation’s leaders do? What can you do?
  • How do you feel about our new governor, Eric Greitens? Were there any surprises in local elections? Voter turnout in Missouri ended up being around 67%, which was higher than the national average of 56%. Do you know anyone who didn’t vote? What were their reasons? Are there any other election related things you haven’t gotten a chance to process/discuss yet?
  • Other topics that students suggested include: President-elect Trump’s effect on global relations, College life including dating in college, Feminism, Air pollution, Crime, Synthetic drug abuse, Religious conflicts.
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