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Game Changers

If recent developments in American democracy have shown us anything, it is that our electorate needs to become more informed and engaged. This is what Civitas is all about: active citizenship. In that spirit, Civitas has created the Game Changers Program for high school students. It is unique because it does not place additional demands on stressed out students; rather it offers enriching optional experiences them throughout the school year.

The lifeblood of Civitas is engaging conversations, not test scores or even projects completed. The Civitas mandate is to provide interesting activities for students, ones that can stand on their own and provide opportunities for further discussion beyond the time constraints of the event.

While students do not get graded by Civitas activities, they get acknowledged for their attendance at events. Students in the Game Changers program  receive certificates of participation if they attend at least five Civitas events during the year. A copy of the certificate will be sent to their advisors at the high school as well as college counselor so that it can become part of their permanent transcript. Students who become game changers will also get to attend an exclusive event just for them!

During the course of each school year, Civitas offers at least twenty events. These include:

  • Two Model United Nations sessions
  • One country draft for the Model United Nation program
  • Two prep sessions for Model United Nations
  • Two Saturday field trips
  • Two strategizing sessions with representatives of citizen advocacy groups
  • Six Issues Roundtables (with guest presenters)
  • Four Open Forums (discussions on topics of students’ choosing)
  • Two Friday night movie nights

Civitas Game Changers is a safe haven where students can come and get engaged in the public forum without having additional demands placed upon their time and psyche. They can learn for the sake of learning and do with that information what makes most sense to them.

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