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High School Model United Nations

Here are the important dates for the 2017-2018 High School Model UN Program:

Compromise.  If Civitas could pick just one word to summarize our High School Model United Nations Program, compromise would be it.  In our modern world of Us vs. Them, Red states vs. Blue states, walled borders, and foreign wars, it seems impossible for students to find an open forum where in the words of former Missouri Senator John Danforth, they can have “more thoughtful, and hopefully, more civil political discourse.”   We want to provide a place where there are no right answers or trick questions, a place where the ideas are as diverse as the participants.  We’re trying to change the adversarial mindset of so many model U.N. programs.

Under the banner of the United Nations students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the politics, cultures, and problems of the 193 member nations. They research, write resolutions, and serve as delegates during all-day sessions that showcases what they’ve learned about solving the world’s problems.  During this time most students see that to make a difference everyone has to work together to get things done, whether it be curing AIDs, extreme poverty, or global warming. Compromise has always been and will always be the keystone to peace and the Civitas program tries to both promote and model this approach.

If you are interested in having your class or club join our Model UN program, please contact us.


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