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Honors Model UN

For information on the 2017 Honors Session, please click here.

Every year, during Civitas Middle School Model United Nations sessions, we observe that some students are particularly skilled at—and enthusiastic about—addressing world problems as diplomats, negotiators, problem-solvers and public speakers.

For these students, Civitas now offers a special Honors General Assembly Session.

As they do at regular sessions, Honors delegates will represent their countries as United Nations ambassadors, looking out for the interests of their country’s citizens, as well as for the greater good of the world.

The format of the Honors General Assembly will be familiar, but with some challenging twists. First, instead of asking delegates to write resolutions, Civitas will provide them, covering high-level issues from social/economic problems to human rights and international security. Also, delegates will have to identify problems in the resolutions on the spot and respond quickly with new ideas. In addition, there will be small “caucus” groups, in which delegates work together to brainstorm ideas and negotiate solutions. As always, Civitas staff will guide the delegates through the United Nations-style format for presenting, discussing, amending and voting.

A special feature of the Honors General Assembly will be a “crisis simulation,” in which delegates will be challenged to respond spontaneously, in their roles as delegates, to a current international situation. Delegates will be encouraged to think creatively and globally, and to work collaboratively—sometimes in informal groups—to address the problem. The discussions promise to be lively, intelligent, and fun!

To see photos from past Honors Session, please click here.

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