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March 3: Renegade Bus Tour on Stuff Made in STL

Civitas is pleased to provide to students another bus tour of the region led by Renegade Tours. (You might remember them from last year’s Immigration Tour) Join us on Saturday, March 3rd from 8:45-11:30 AM for a look at manufacturing in STL or as Renegade calls it, “Meet your maker(s)”.

Described as, “Beer and shoes get a lot of play (historically speaking) when it comes to STL’s manufacturing badassery. But we’ve made a crazy amount of other cool things-and STILL DO. Ever wonder just what in the heck is happening in all those non-descript buildings along the riverfront? Do you get hot and bothered when admiring the gorgeous architecture of nineteenth century warehouses? Want to feel blessed not to have a tannery down your street? Join us as we drive all over this darn city and be prepared to learn a crapload about the crazy, fascinating history of making shit in St. Louis! This tour features multiple stops with factory tours, a few strange smells, and, for the first time, FOOD SAMPLES.”

This should be a lot of information & a lot of fun. But due to the nature of a bus tour space is limited. The event is free to high school students but registration is required.

The tour starts at the Civitas office at 9, so students should arrive by 8:45 am.

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