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New Presentation on Healthcare in America Available!

Civitas had a guest speaker, Dale Basham, present information about the complicated Health Care system in our country to McKinley and Collegiate high school students recently. With Dale’s permission, we have posted his presentation and notes to go along with it, in case anyone would like to read them. It’s an interesting look at all of the components that are a part of Health Care, and how if any one component changes, the whole system, like a house of cards, might collapse. In the meantime, health care costs in our country continue to rise and the life expectancy continues to fall behind other wealthy nations. Pharmaceutical companies are enjoying huge profits and American doctors are not reporting high satisfaction with their careers. Is socialized medicine the answer? Will the future include technological advancements that will change health care as we know it? The presentation addresses these ideas, also.

To view/download a copy of the presentation, click here.

Dale Basham’s notes can be found here.

This presentation is part of our Civitas-on-the-Go program. Civitas-on-the-Go brings engaging topics and guest speakers into classrooms for free. Email info@civitas-stl.com to learn more or request a topic/visit.

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