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On-line Meeting of Pulitzer Global Gateway Teachers

On Tuesday evening, October 8, Civitas teachers in the Pulitzer Global Gateway program met on-line with Mark Schulte of Pulitzer in Washington.  Mark described the upcoming project with several filmmakers coming to St. Louis as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival.  They will be available to meet with…


New Civitas video from students

Civitas asked students on Saturday 28, why they attended the issues roundtable.


School Issues Roundtable Photos

Here are pictures from the September 28, 2013 Issues Roundtable.


Crossroads Goodworks Day 1 Photos

Civitas took a group of students to downtown Clayton for some intercept polling.

Middle School Teachers hold first meeting of the year

There were only five teachers at the meeting but that’s because it was only for first year teachers in our Middle School program.  We also had a few veterans who came to be helpful to our new teachers. Facilitated by Middle School Coordinator Bobbi Clemons, we covered the basic structure…

What are your thoughts on what the Russian president has to say about the United States?

Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an editorial in the New York Times. He addressed both U.S. policy on Syria as well as U.S. foreign policy in general.  It created quite a stir in the United States, both positive and negative. We are interested in any thoughts that you…

Reminder to high school teachers: Civitas will come to your school

Some of the high schools with which Civitas works have model UN clubs or other similar clubs with different names that coordinate their work with Civitas. Other schools do not have clubs that work with Civitas; rather individual students and teachers “wing it” when it comes to participation in Civitas…

“High School Confidential” — Our next issues roundtable — Sat., Sept. 28

On Saturday, September 28, we will have our annual issues roundtable about life in high school.  Our specific topics will include: Homework Standardized Testing LGBT issues Your civil liberties at school Co-ed or single gender Public or private or parochial Online vs. books School Food See how your experiences compare…


Students make headway on crisis simulation

Congratulations to the 18 students from six high schools who participated last Saturday in Civitas’ first crisis simulation of the year. The issue was that the Ukraine no longer felt that it could safely secure the 500 pounds of enriched uranium in its possession.  This is the uranium that goes…