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Civitas has compiled a list of valuable websites and handouts to help you (or your students) with country research and resolution writing. To request a handout that isn’t here or for additional help and resources please email us at info@civitas-stl.com.

Country ResearchU.N. News
1. CIA World Factbook1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2. BBC News Country Profiles2. United Nations
3. Human Rights Watch3. UNICEF
4. TED Talks4. UN TV (watch real committees/conventions)
5. Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder/Story Archive5. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the U.N.
6. U.S. State Department Fact Sheets 6. Sustainable Development Goals
7. African Union7. 70 ways the UN makes a difference
8. European Union 8. Which countries have paid their UN dues this year?
9. The New York Times Learning Network9. UNICEF Supply Catalog (for resolution pricing help)

ResolutionsCivitas Materials
1. Middle School Resolutions1. All U.N. Member Nations
2. High School Resolutions2. Delegate Handbook
3. Checklist for a resolution3. Research Sheet
4. How to write a resolution video4. Cultural Research Sheet
5. Blank resolution template5. Presenter Help/Elevator Pitch

UNICEF ACT Magazine 
Shut out of school (Fall 2016)
Children on the move (Spring 2016)
Immunizations: Closing the Gap (Fall 2015)
Hunger in an Age of Plenty (Spring 2015)
Philippines: Building Back Better (Fall 2014)
Syria: No Lost Generation (Spring 2014)

Teacher Resources to promote global/local awareness
1. World Peace Game
3. For the Sake of ALL



Classroom visits:

What does the United Nations do infographic?

Building a resolution together on HIV/AIDs




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