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Spring 2018 Model UN Session

Instead of our usual Challenge Model UN this spring, we are hosting an additional “regular” United Nations session. The session will once again be at the Creve Coeur Drury Inn, on Saturday February 24th. Unlike in the fall, there will only be 1 session. We have space for 80 students and we will choose delegates on a first come, fist serve basis.

  • Space is limited to 10 delegates per school, 80 students total, so register ASAP
  • Registration in advance is mandatory. You will receive a confirmation email with a registration number
  • You will represent the same country you had at the November session
  • We will be accepting student resolutions. You can edit & resubmit your resolution from November if it was not debated. (Check out the submitted resolutions by clicking here!)
  • The session is from 8:30-11:30 am on Saturday, February 24th
  • There is a second activity that afternoon. Click here to read more/sign up for the Challenges to American Democracy Convention
  • Like all Civitas events, the Model UN session is free
  • A printable flyer can be found here
  • Email info@civitas-stl.com if you have any questions


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