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Spring 2018: Pulitzer Journalists coming to STL!

The Pulitzer Center is once again sending some dynamic speakers to the St. Louis area. Monday, February 26 – Friday, March 2, two reporters will be able to visit classrooms. Both journalists will be talking about their science reporting on communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

  • Jon Cohen was the lead reporter on the Pulitzer Center’s six-part series “The End of AIDS?” with PBS NewsHour. The series won both a national Emmy award and the top broadcast reporting prize from the National Academies of Science. Cohen and a NewsHour team are currently in Russia and Nigeria filming a follow-on series, also supported by the Pulitzer Center, that focuses on the two countries lagging farthest behind in beating AIDS.
  • Carl Gierstorfer is an award-winning science journalist based in Berlin who has completed two full-length documentaries with support from the Pulitzer Center. One of the documentaries is on the origins of HIV-AIDS (focused mostly on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon, which screened at Washington University in St. Louis April 2015. The other is on one Liberian village’s struggle to cope with Ebola. Gierstorfer is currently at work on a third project with the Pulitzer Center, this one focused on how to protect “uncontacted” people in the Amazon from disease.

A calendar of classroom visits will be posted shortly.

There will be a special workshop for teachers the evening of Monday, February 26th from 6-8 pm. During the first hour, Jon and Carl will present selections from the science reporting, with a focus on communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS and Ebola. Then the focus will broaden and will include further information about the Pulitzer educational outreach program with its director, Mark Schulte. The second hour will be an informal reception. If you have not yet received an invitation, or have not yet RSVPed, you can connect by clicking here.

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