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Photos from Dec. 12 & Dec. 13

Civitas hosted two events last weekend; a showing of the film Spanish Lake and an Issues Roundtable. Here are some photos from those events.

Dec. 12 Movie & Dec. 13 Issues Roundtable

Civitas is hosting a movie on December 12 at the Civitas office. (Map) The time will be from 6-9 pm. More details will be added shortly. The next Civitas Issues Roundtable will be Saturday, December 13. There will be a wide range of topics to talk about. Some of those…

Nov. 22 Issues Roundtable: Immigration & more

Saturday, November 22, we are hosting an Issues Roundtable. The even will be from 9-11 am at the Civitas office. (map) One of the main topics will be immigration policy, but there will be plenty of time to talk about whatever students like. Let us know that you’ll be there!

Photos from Media & Stereotypes Issues Roundtable

Here are some photos from the May 3, 2014 Issues Roundtable.

Sign up: May 3, Media vs Stereotypes Issues Roundtable

Join Civitas on May 3 for the next Issues Roundtable. The world is covered in advertisements. Do you feel like the people you see in such media blurbs are regular people? Silly question. Of course they’re not. They’re salespeople designed to sell you a product or idea. We’re going to…

Photos from Issues Roundtable: Current Events

Here are some pictures from the April 12 Issues Roundtable.

Photos from Issues Roundtable: Human Trafficking

Here are some photos from our April 5 Issues Roundtable on Human Trafficking. We’d like to thank our special guest speaker, Caroline Fish, for making the morning interesting and informative for our students.

Meet Caroline Fish, Special Guest Speaker on Human Trafficking

April 5 speaker on Human Trafficking, International Human Rights & Student Activism On March 3, 2014, Reginald Williams was convicted for the trafficking of two teenagers, including a 16-year-old from the Metro St. Louis area. Caroline Fish worked with the U.S. Department of Justice office here in St. Louis to…

Photos from March 8 Issues Roundtable

Thanks to all of the students who attended our riveting roundtable on global women’s issues.

March 8, Issues Roundtable Sign-Up

March 8 Civitas is hosting an Issues Roundtable to talk about Global Women’s Issues. It will be from 9-11 am at the Civitas office. [contact-form-7 id=”795″ title=”March 8, Issues Roundtable: Global Womens Issues”]

Photos from Scandals Isues Roundtable

Here are some photos from the Feb. 8 Issues Roundtable on Scandals.

Agenda for Feb. 8 Issues Roundtable

If you are interested in Attending, we encourage you to R.S.V.P.! Topic Guide – Political Scandals Issues Roundtable – February 8, 2014 Scandals in life & politics. What makes something a scandal? Have you ever known of a scandal—not just in the news, but at school, in your neighborhood, at…

Issues Roundtable: Jan. 11 Sign Up

[contact-form-7 id=”663″ title=”Jan. 11, Issues Roundtable”]