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Photos from Day 4 of Urban Go-Team

The last day of Go-Team was reserved for learning about mental health and de-stressing. Here are photos from that day.

Photos from Day 3 of Go-Team

The first half of the day was in the Thomas Eagleton building which has a strict no photo policy. Later on we split into two groups, one did street polling and one went to the Missouri History Museum. Here are photos from the 3rd day of Go-Team.  

Resources for Day 3 of Urban Go-Team

Day 3 was a full and exciting day. We started at the Thomas Eagleton Court House, then we had an impromptu discussion at the Confederate Monument in Forest Park, and lastly we split up into two groups. One group did street polling at the Delmar Loop and the other group…

Photos from Urban Go-Team Day 2

Here are photos from our Radioactive Tour day. Resources for the day can be found here.

Urban Studies 2017: Student Blog 1

Every year, Civitas asks for students to share their thoughts during Go-Team. We’re going to compile what we get and share them in our blog online. Here are some thoughts from Reece about Urban Go-Team Day 1. Visiting the Creve Coeur Police Department, was an enlightening experience. As a black…

Resources for Day 2 of Urban Go-Team 2017

Day 2 of Urban Go-Team Civitas took students on another Radioactive Tour of STL. We were joined by Ed Smith from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. Here are some things that came up throughout the tour that you might want to read more on. Robin (the passionate woman we…

Photos from Urban Go-Team Day 1

Here are photos from our Police Academy Day with the Creve Coeur Police Department.

Resources for Day 1 of Urban Go-Team 2017

Here are a few follow up resources from today’s police academy. Remember, if you want to write a 1-2 paragraph recap of something you learned today, some thoughts you had, or anything at all, please email info@civitas-stl.com. (You can also text Civitas staff members if you have a question, it’s…