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Ferguson and Beyond with Arch City Defenders

September 24th, Civitas is hosting an Issues Roundtable. We will have a guest speaker, Michael-John Voss from Arch City Defenders. (He has spoken with Civitas students before, click here for details from last time) Michael-John Voss is part of the legal team (Arch City Defenders) that has put municipal court…


Become a game changer!

Civitas invites high school students who want to learn about issues, participate in Model UN, explore their community, make friends, and do this without having to worry about homework, tests, and fees. Become a Game Changer by watching the video below and attending one of our exciting events!  


Fall 2016 Active Citizenship Project announced: Deciphering Election Babble

Fall 2016, the Active Citizen program continues with a new guest speaker and topic. This year we will be working with Ray Hartmann, member of the St. Louis Print Hall of Fame. You may know Ray from his work with the Riverfront Times, St. Louis Magazine and KETC’s Donnybrook.  A…


Inside Politics News for week of August 8, 2016

As part of our ongoing Urban Go-team: Inside Politics program, we are helping students find news related to political races and issues that are of interest to them. Each week we will be posting a number of news articles, videos, and graphics that help explain what’s going in Campaign 2016….


Uma Lembrete (A Reminder)

Throughout the coming weeks of sport and competition, keep in mind the cost Rio and Brazil are bearing to host us. 77,000 citizens have been forced from their homes and communities and placed in public housing far out on the peripheries. Many can’t afford their new rent. Since 2009, “Pacification” forces have…


What Goes Around

Speaker Paul Ryan may fall victim to his own attempt at party unity after standing behind his reluctant embrace of Donald Trump for the presidency. A talented legislator ensnared in perhaps the most tenuous political relationship of this election cycle, Mr. Ryan has painstakingly groomed his endorsement of Trump since…


Neoliberalism has failed — let’s move on

Several years on from the Great Recession, global order is being forcibly reshaped by peoples defiant of a status quo which has left them miserably frustrated and indignant. Policies promoted to bring change to the reckless world of finance have instead embedded economic hardship, and elites have chosen either to…


First event of 2016-2017: Attacking Apathy with Guest Speaker

Attacking apathy: How to identify problems in your community & do something about them Join Civitas on Saturday, September 10th for a special guest speaker. We’ve invited Dawn Chapman, one of the founders of JustMomsSTL, to speak with students. The event will be from 9-11 am at the Civitas office….


Volunteers needed for Festival of Nations Booth!

On August 27 and August 28, Civitas is looking for gregarious volunteers to help us run our outreach booth at the Festival of Nations. The festival is free to attend and is located at Tower Grove Park. (A more detailed map will be available shortly) Civitas will have a booth…


The problem with a third-party candidate in 2016

We’ve all heard it over the past few months: If a third party were ever to win, it would be this year. A 74-year-old democratic-socialist nearly overtook the seemingly predetermined Democratic nominee. An immature and incompetent real estate tycoon has barrelled through a well established Republican field to redefine party…