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Photos from Day 3 of Go-Team

The first half of the day was in the Thomas Eagleton building which has a strict no photo policy. Later on we split into two groups, one did street polling and one went to the Missouri History Museum. Here are photos from the 3rd day of Go-Team.  

Photos from Urban Go-Team Day 2

Here are photos from our Radioactive Tour day. Resources for the day can be found here.

Photos from Urban Go-Team Day 1

Here are photos from our Police Academy Day with the Creve Coeur Police Department.

Fort Zumwalt East Model UN Zombie Pandemic Photos

Saturday, May 20th Civitas helped facilitate an activity created by students at Fort Zumwalt East. It was an interesting take of what the UN would do if there were a global pandemic. To see what delegates came up with in committee, click here. Here are photos from the event.

Photos from Fake News Workshop with Julie Smith

Saturday, April 29, Civitas hosted a workshop focused on fake news and media literacy. Students got an understanding of bias, what is fake news, a fun quiz, and then they learned how to check sources and verify information found online. It was hosted by Julie Smith. Resources from the event…

Photos from RenegadeSTL Bus Tour of Immigration

Saturday, April 8, a bus load of students joined up with RenegadeSTL for an engaging tour of the city of St. Louis and the waves of immigrants that shaped it. Here are photos from the event.

Photos from Immigration STL Tour with Clayton High

Friday, April 7, a group of students from Clayton High School joined Civitas for a RenegadeSTL tour of immigration/history of St. Louis. Here are photos from the event.

Photos from 2017 Challenge Model UN Session

Here are photos from the 2017 Challenge Model UN Session. Student delegates worked together to create, debate, and vote on rights for refugees and rights for host countries. To see what the committees came up with, please click here.

Photos from Feb. 18th with the ACLU

Sat., Feb. 18th Civitas invited the director of the Missouri chapter of the ACLU, Jeffrey Mittman, to come and talk with students. Here are photos from the event.

Photos from Feb. 4th Issues Roundtable

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 a wonderful group of students gathered to talk about immigration, the Supreme Court vacancy, Trump’s cabinet positions, and many other topics. Here are photos from the event.

Photos from Election Discussion with InspireSTL

Civitas staff met with the scholars from InspireSTL to explain how the electoral college works, what students can do to remain active in politics, and to talk about the Nov. 2016 election. We were joined by Reece Ellis, a high school student who has volunteered for various political candidates/issues. Here…

Photos from Immigration Roundtable with MIRA

Saturday, January 21 we were joined by the executive director of MIRA, Marie-Aimee Abizera. She did a wonderful job talking about the struggles refugees and immigrants face when coming into the United States and also answered a ton of questions put forth by students. Here are photos from the event….

Photos from January 16th with Luke Babich

Monday, January 16th, Civitas hosted a special Issues Roundtable. We invited a former Civitas student, Luke Babich, who had run for public office to share his experiences with current high schoolers and give advice on how to stay active in local issues. Here are some photos from the event.

Photos from stresses of being a high school student

Saturday, Dec. 10 Civitas was joined by Dr. Laura Chakes to talk about the stresses of being a high school student. Students had a chance to vent and lean positive ways to deal with all the things that stressed them out. Here are photos from the event. To see resources…